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 Italians know all about healthy eating. Their 'Mediterranean' diet contains plenty of fruit, veg and fish, and lots of starchy food like pasta, bread and pizza bases. These excellent foods fill you up.

 Thick crust pizza's are a healthier choice than thin crust pizza's. They're more filling, so you'll eat proportionally more base and less topping, and have less room for the tiramisu.

 Pasta is very good for you, and very filling. Pasta has had a reputation for being high in fat, but it isn't the pasta that's the culprit, it's the cream and butter laden sauces that go with it!

 A simple tomato sauce is a traditional low fat topping. The healthier sauces are tomato based made with veg, fish or meat are the ones to go for, instead of butter, cream & cheese sauces.