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A Pizza Phil's mind...
Happy Halloween! This months' newsletter is a mere slice of what it usually is! In the run up to Christmas, we are busy preparing our festive-looking site which will be full of fun and gift ideas. So, in next months newsletter you can expect to see fantastic surprises!

To all the people who entered the competition - thank you. I know that a lot of you visit ThePizza.Shop purely to enter the competition. However, ThePizza.Shop has a whole lot more to offer - so, the next time those of you that stumble across us from Prizefinder or Loquax - take a good look around the site. There's a whole lot more fun and interesting things to find. Everything about this site is designed to be useful and used!

We have improved the search engine on the site and you are now able to search using your postcode from the homepage. All designed to make it easier and faster to get pizza!

My Chocolate pizza was delicious by the way.. although it was very sweet.
Did anyone else try one? Let me know what you thought.

Submit your reviews: Age 0-16
Submit your reviews: Age 16+

The more reviews we publish, the more informed we can be about the pizza we buy.

So until next time, Bon Appetit & keep eating Pizza! (email me)

This months pizza review: ASDA. I purchased the pizza from the fresh food counter, cost: 2.98. If you recently tried the same pizza and would like to comment on it - email me to let me know. Here is my review:

Chicken and maple bacon carbonara pizza!

To read the review - click here

The winner of the childrens review competition was Stephen (age 6) in Manchester - who will be receiving his Lego Pizzeria set very soon. He wrote:

'I love my mum's pizza the best. When she cooks pizza she sings in italian. I like pepperoni lots. My favourite is cheese and pineapple. It tastes like sweet things.
I think pizza joe is fun'

Send in your childrens reviews for a chance to win and to have the review published in this newsletter next month

What's new...
Special offers - subscribers only
The childrens section is nearing completion! Watch this space.

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ThePizza.Shop has some new website names:

Adding a pizza shop to our listings...
Adding a pizza shop to our listings is straightforward. When supplying the details, please ensure that the telephone number you give is accurate.
Use this link to submit the shop details you want to see included. Cheers!

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If you own a pizza shop...please call us on 0870 746 9361 (calls charged at National rate) where one of our operators will advise you on the numerous packages available - or log on to for details - your customers will be forever grateful!. We now list over 12,175 pizza shops (or shops that sell pizza aswell as other items) in the UK.

Coming soon...
Its the season to entertain and Taste has got your Christmas sorted with hundreds of cookbooks, gift ideas and tummy-fillers from the UK's hottest celebrity chefs. Take 4 for 99p each PLUS a free book and be merry! Click here

Keep those ideas coming! In the pipeline:

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Competition winner...
The prize winner, picked at random by computer, in our October competition for a years supply of pizza was:

Mrs. R. Ahmed, in Leicester, Leics.
Her comments: "Simply because I really do have a craving for pizza. Who else wants pizza at 8.00 in the morning? I need help and you could help me. Pleeeease!"

Competition sponsor: Majestic Wine Warehouse.
With Christmas just around the corner, now is the time to stock up on plonk. Majestic offers a variety of wines by the case at great prices.

The NOVEMBER competitions are here:
Win a years supply of pizza: Enter November competition
Win a Lego Pizzeria set (under 16's only): Enter competition here

On-line ordering update...
Online ordering is not currently supported in every region of the UK. Whilst we are working hard to ensure more shops offer online ordering it is still a mammoth task. Please bear with us whilst we continue on our mission of total UK coverage by the end of the year. If your region is not serviced with online ordering, you can order on-line from Dominos Pizza who have over 240 shops offering online ordering.

However, many shops listed at ThePizza.Shop offering online ordering up and down the country, so please follow the steps below to qualify for this free service.

Step 1. Pre-register for on-line ordering. This enables us to verify orders are from you in the future. We will not sell, rent or otherwise disclose your details to ANYONE.

Step 2. Search for your local pizza shop. If your postcode region is not covered by a pizza delivery shop - please let us know. Once you have found the shop you wish to order from, click on the ordering link and complete your order using the form provided.

Step 3. Submit your order and the shop MAY call you within 5 minutes to confirm your order (Its a good idea to give an alternative telephone number just in case you are still connected to the Internet!)**

Step 4. Go to the fridge, open a beer or bottle of wine, find your comfy spot on the sofa.....and wait.

Step 5. Answer the door when delivery driver the man/woman...leaving a tip will often result in speedier delivery next time! Enjoy your pizza!

Include your phone number when ordering otherwise your order will not be processed.

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