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Hello, its been a good and bad month here at ThePizza.Shop. The bad: England were dumped out of the World Cup. The Good: You have been buying more pizzas! My aim is to increase pizza consumption with on-line ordering, that is why I am currently looking at ways to increase the number of Pizza Shops on our site who have this facility. You can help us! If your local shop is listed but not offering a menu or order on-line function - then please tell them about us. We can then negotiate with them to offer you exclusive discounts on deliveries.

And now a comment about a pizza I tried recently. Pizza Hut are currently marketing their 'Quad' pizza (four pizzas in one) as 'A light base, quartered with your choice of speciality topping combinations, smothered with delicious mozzarella cheese'. Well, I ordered a large 'Meat Mania' and waited patiently. When I received the pizza I was extremely disappointed. When Pizza Hut mention 'A light base...' they are not kidding! I could have printed on it....it was that thin. I think it measured just 6mm thick. Then on to the toppings - I think conservative helpings are what they should advertise. I counted 22 bits of topping on the whole pizza. I enjoy pizzas which are thin or deep pan along with generous topping amounts. If you are considering buying the 'Quad' - DON'T! For 8.99 or 10.99 - you can do a whole lot better. Pizza Hut have let me down by offering me such a measly pizza and I feel it is my responsibility to you to pass on this information. If you have recently ordered the same pizza and agree with me - email me to let me know. If, however, you entirely disagree with my review - then email me also.

So until next time, Bon Appetit & keep eating Pizza!

Written by:
Philip Buddery


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Revised recipe format. After a suggestion from a regular visitor, we have made each of the recipes printable. You can now print off one recipe at a time so you don't need to lug the PC into the kitchen each time you make a pizza. More books have been added to our stock and we have changed the way the competition works.

You can log on to this website with any of the following:

ThePizza.Shop is there for YOU, so by adding shops to our listings you are enhancing the website for YOUR benefit! Adding a pizza shop to our listings could not be simpler.
All we ask of you is to ensure you include the correct phone number for the shop.

Just use this link to submit the shop details you want to see included. Cheers!

If you own a pizza shop...please call us on 0870 746 9361 (calls charged at National rate) where one of our operators will advise you on the numerous packages available - your customers will be forever grateful!. We now list over 11,985 pizza delivery shops (or shops that sell pizza aswell as other items) throughout the UK.

Many of you have suggested ideas to enhance this site... it will be YOU that will be using it, so we have listened and are now implementing the things outlined below. Keep those ideas coming!
  • A more personalised look for you.
  • Discussion Forum
  • Vouchers to print off with special offers for members
  • Submit your pizza reviews.
  • More site polls
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Every month we hold a competition with the top prize being a years supply of pizza.
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Margaret Brawton: from Harlesden, London.

To enter the JULY competition click here now.

All runners-up will be notified by email and your T-shirts will be winging there way to you in the next 14 days - please confirm your size by replying to the email using the link provided.

If you weren't lucky this time - just keep trying. Good Luck all you pizza lovers!!
Just enter your email, postcode and name when entering the competition again.

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Step 4. Go to the fridge, open a beer or bottle of wine, find your comfy spot on the sofa.....and wait.

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So until next month, thanks for reading this - and Bon Appetit.

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