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ThePizza.Shop now has a new office in Cambridgeshire and we have been busy establishing the business in the South East. I plan to hit London in the next six weeks with a major marketing campaign to increase the number of shops offering on-line ordering. Watch this space!

In last months newsletter I criticised The Quad pizza from Pizza Hut. This led to a high proportion of subscribers agreeing with me. In response to this, I contacted Pizza Huts' Customer Care Line (ha! ha!) and left a message outlining The Quad review... I am still waiting for a reply. I received a comment from someone who works within Whitbread (part owners of Pizza Hut (UK), and she pointed out that the chefs are told the exact amounts to put on each pizza - and these portions are the same for every restaurant. I ran a successful pizza shop in Nottingham, and the amount of profit made on pizza is incredible. The toppings are where the money is made - but no matter how high we piled our pizzas with delicious toppings - we still made good profits whilst charging a whole lot less than Pizza Hut. I am in no way having a go at the staff who work in Pizza Hut at shop level, I am purely offering an honest and informed opinion to the management of any major pizza chain. I speak my mind as someone who wants to ensure the consumer gets the very best deal!

The changes to the site are taking a while due to the upheaval in our offices at the present. However, big changes are being made to the site, including a new search facility and improved graphics. Please keep your comments coming - your feedback is what makes all this worthwhile.

This months pizza review: every month I personally taste a number of pizzas (its a hard job, but someone has to do it!) and publish a review on just one. This month is the turn of supermarket pizza, the Pizza Tuscana from Tescos' Finest range. Here it is:

If you have recently tried the same pizza and agree with me - email me to let me know. If, however, you disagree with my review - then email me also.

So until next time, Bon Appetit & keep eating Pizza!

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P Buddery
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Pending improvements...see next months newsletter for updates

You can log on to this website with any of the following:

ThePizza.Shop is there for YOU, so by adding shops to our listings you are enhancing the website for YOUR benefit! Adding a pizza shop to our listings could not be simpler.
All we ask of you is to ensure you include the correct phone number for the shop.

Just use this link to submit the shop details you want to see included. Cheers!

If you own a pizza shop...please call us on 0870 746 9361 (calls charged at National rate) where one of our operators will advise you on the numerous packages available - your customers will be forever grateful!. We now list over 12,101 pizza delivery shops (or shops that sell pizza aswell as other items) throughout the UK.

Many of you have suggested ideas to enhance this site... it will be YOU that will be using it, so we have listened and are now implementing the things outlined below. Keep those ideas coming!

During August we will be adding:

  • A discussion forum - NOW OPEN
  • Vouchers to print off with special offers for members
  • Submit your pizza reviews - OPTION NOW AVAILABLE.
  • More recipes
  • More games
  • More reviews
  • More site polls
We'd be pleased if YOU could tell us of any additions you would like to see on the website? Tell us

Every month we hold a competition with the top prize being a years supply of pizza.
The winner picked at random by computer for the JULY competition was:

1st Prize of a years supply of pizza was won by :

Angela Dobbs, in Bristol
Her comments: "My kids love your site especially the new games. Peace at last!"

August competition sponsored by:

To enter the AUGUST competition click here now.

If you weren't lucky this time - just keep trying. Good Luck all you pizza lovers!!
Just enter your email, postcode and name when entering the competition again.

Step 1. Pre-register for on-line ordering. This enables us to verify orders are from you in the future. We will not sell, rent or otherwise disclose your details to ANYONE.

Step 2. Search for your local pizza shop. Once you have found the shop you wish to order from, click on the ordering link and complete your order using the form provided.

Step 3. Submit your order and the shop MAY call you within 5 minutes to confirm your order (Its a good idea to give an alternative telephone number just in case you are still connected to the Internet!)**

Step 4. Go to the fridge, open a beer or bottle of wine, find your comfy spot on the sofa.....and wait.

Step 5. Answer the door when delivery driver comes...pay the man/woman...leaving a tip will often result in speedier delivery next time! Enjoy your pizza!


** Please include your phone number when ordering otherwise your order will not be processed.

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So until next month, thanks for reading this - and Bon Appetit.

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