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To provide independent pizza delivery shops with on-line services for their customers and provide consumers with a quick and efficient way to order from any pizza shop in their area via this website.

  • Internet enable all pizza shops worldwide.
  • To provide on-line ordering for EVERY independent pizza shop in the U.K.
  • Offer consumers more choice of shops and to encourage on-line ordering.
  • Be the number one resource for independent pizza shops.
  • To change the way we all order pizzas.
  • To offer our visitors more every time they visit.
  • Available in 22 countries: International visitors?
  • Over 150,000 unique visitors every month.
  • 500,000+ page requests per month
  • We list 12,000+ pizza shops in the UK.
  • Listed top of all major search engines: keywords - pizza, delivery shops
    ( Google / Yahoo / Lycos / Altavista / MSN / Freeserve / AOL )
  • 97,400+ subscribers to our monthly newsletter.
  • Average time user is on-site: 8 minutes
  • Age range of visitors: 4 - 85 years old
  • Visitor gender breakdown: 56% Female 44% Male
SOURCE: Statistics based on independent analysis in 2003 - 2004

ThePizza.Shop was originally named Pizzanet-UK, and was established in late 1999 by an ex-pizza shop worker, Philip Buddery. Phils' intentions were simple - to get pizza shops on-line selling pizzas! At the time the dot com bubble was yet to burst and capital investment was being offered from every angle. We decided to start with little investment and go for sustained growth. This sound financial foundation allowed us to keep costs low and borrowing to a minimum. Whilst many dotcoms have had the plug pulled, we are here to stay. We now operate the following domains:

www.thepizza.shop | www.pizzajoe.co.uk | www.pizzashopsearch.co.uk
www.pizzarecipes.co.uk | www.pizzanet-uk.com | www.pizzashopowners.co.uk

The website has grown from 50 pages, up to over 10,000 pages by August 20009 - the website is now just a small reminder of what the web looked like back in the early 90's. Aswell as listing shops in 21 countries, we added games, recipes, competitions and a forum to offer more to our visitors. We have maintained our high position in the search engines due to our increased popularity. The global pizza delivery industry is expanding rapidly and PizzaJoe is ideally placed as the number one independent pizza delivery resource on the Internet.

To enable equality in the pizza delivery industry between the major chains (Dominos', Pizza Hut and Papa Johns) and the smaller independent shops, we created cost effective packages for these shops to have their business trading on-line, quickly and effficiently.

The synergy between the use of new technologies and our knowledge of the pizza industry make for an exciting future for ThePizza.shop and all the thousands of pizza shops who use our services currently and those that will in the future.

Our first press release was in Nottingham's Evening Post and since that time we have been in a number of Internet Magazines and food industry publications. We have also appeared on ITV show, The Web Review (Read review), where our site was given the accolade of 'favourite of the week' by ther reviewer.

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